As entrepreneurs, we have been developing and launching products for the last 15 years. When we started, there was no collective space to read reviews before hiring a company.  It was all word of mouth. Some of the companies and services were good and some were not.  Many connections cost a lot of time, money and made things more difficult. In one case we had to report our prototype stolen before the company would talk to us. They returned it after the police called them. So we know first hand many of the frustrations and what you are going through. 

We have tried to help other entrepreneurs and inventors avoid the same complications.  We continue to help inventors get to the next level but in order to share our resources to the best advantage, we are launching this site.  It is FREE to use.  

TrepsList is a service that compiles resources and reviews of services companies and independent contractors across the US.  We are launching with companies that we have either used or had relationships with. Using TrepsList as your platform, you can learn who to trust based on peer reviews. Companies cannot pay to have bad
reviews removed. The reviews will be by individuals that have worked with these companies.  If a company you have worked with is not on the list, please added it and leave a review. 

With your help, we can let everyone know about the quality of the ervice received and make the journey smoother.


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Share your experiences with a business by writing a review for others to read.  Your review will help other TrepsList users to find products/services they need from businesses they can trust.

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If you are a business owner, you can add your business to TrepList.  By adding your listing, your business is ready for everyone that visits our directory.

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Search for trusted businesses in your local area in one easy to use directory.  TrepsList brings together hundreds of local business listings in one concise, searchable list.

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Search in the Directory for the company you would like to post a review for.  Add your comments and help other entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to share resources with entrepreneurs and focus on the value it brings to new businesses.  Using and sharing this site will help your fellow inventors and entrepreneurs.

If you do not find the company you are looking for, you can add it quickly and post a review by clicking here

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Who would you recommend to your business associates? Did someone do a great job for you?  How was the service? By posting reviews on companies you have had experience with, you will help other entrepreneurs achieve their goals quicker by avoiding some of the pitfalls you have experienced. If they are not listed, please add them and post your review. You can add your own company if it is a service for entrepreneurs.  It only takes a few minutes.

We all benefit and we can’t do this without your help. Together we can all succeed. Thank you!

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Customer feedback is what Treps List is built on. Feel free to contact us below or on one of our social media channels with any questions or comments you may have.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Email us at or call us at 561-231-0298

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