Welcome to the 2019 Most Fundable Companies Competition!

This is the annual startup competition run by Pepperdine University. Founders of U.S. based companies that make the 2019 Most Fundable Companies List will be invited to our gala event in Malibu in October and your startup will receive significant national recognition.

You do not need to be affiliated with Pepperdine to participate. All companies that advance to the second round of the competition will receive a free detailed feedback report on how they can make their company more attractive to investors.

This year, in addition to our Most Fundable List, there will also be a Highly Promising Early-Stage List especially for pre-revenue startups. So if you haven’t launched your product/service yet, don’t be overly concerned about the questions that are clearly targeted at growth companies. Just answer correctly.

The following questionnaire will enter your company into the opening round of the competition and only takes an average of 8-10 minutes to complete. CLICK THE LINK BELOW to begin.


Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thank you and good luck!

Craig R. Everett, PhD
Pepperdine University
Pepperdine Graziadio Business School