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217 9th Street Pittsburgh PA 15222
217 9th Street Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222 US

Looks like you have an invention idea. Great! But where do you go from here? Do you know what to do next? The invention process can be long, difficult, and confusing, so put InventHelp’s 35 years of experience on your side!

  • We can assist people at every stage of the invention process, even if you have just an idea or a sketch!
  • InventHelp will package your idea, provide a patent referral, and submit your idea to companies who want to receive new ideas.
  • We keep your idea confidential and explain every step of the invention process
Will just take your

I had the opportunity to meet with one of the marketers for this company based in the Boca Raton Florida area.  I had everything needed to launch my product, I just wanted to see what this company was all about and I sure found out.  They start out at a minimum of 10K for the whole package or at least that is what they told me now remember I already have everything in place…patent etc. so as a precaution to new inventors you should never pay anything if they really feel your product is worth it. Inventor Beware Of This Company!!!!

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