Are You Struggling To Make Money With Email?

Nick Yates ✏

Nick Yates ✏

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If you struggle with storyselling (which most of you do) then you’ll want to read this entire article…maybe a few times.

(And no, that wasn’t a typo… I meant STORYSELLING.)

Recently, I’ve studied hundreds of email lists… everything from small businesses, to major publishers, to so-called “marketing gurus”… and most had one thing in common…

They were B-O-R-I-N-G!

The lack of storyselling in emails is the main difference between emails that sell and emails that don’t even get read.

When you write emails to your list, you are doing two things wrong:

1.You are skipping the value building and going straight to a hard pitch


2. You write an email without any thought, just so you can say you sent your weekly email

Both of the above mistakes makes me queasy when I see them happening… it’s entirely avoidable with a few simple tweaks and a little effort.

How can you, as a marketing mortal, rise from the ashes of this “email marketing” hurricane of horribleness… and not look like a total clown while doing it?

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Step one: tell your daily stories

Have you ever realized how every business in your industry is discussing the same things in their emails? They are so boring, why would anyone want to read about their business?

My personal MOST HATED email: “Here’s what’s going on around our company!!! Meet Becky, our new Human Resources assistant director…”

YAWN… Wake me up when you’re done with the updates none of your readers care about.

You can fix this by talking about what’s going on in your daily world. From a business standpoint, this can be done by talking about topics, changes, and news in your industry… but here’s the catch…

You must inject your own opinion into the email and it really helps if it comes from a specific person, not XYZ Corp

How can you do this?

Simple: Choose one person who will be the “voice” of your emails.

“Hey guys! Mike here, I wanted to tell you about this incredible new machine we got in the office that I’ve been bugging the IT team to teach me about…”

This will make your business interesting, relatable, and most of all.. HUMAN.

See how that works? Easy, isn’t it?

Step two: focus on storyselling

Why do I keep spelling storytelling wrong? Because you will be SELLING through STORIES… that’s the key to understand…

You want to tell a story in your emails that relates to your product or service, making the reader curious about the thing you are selling.

That’s how you create enough interest to take action, which can be simply clicking a link, or actually buying your product or service.

The beauty of storyselling is, you have to write in a way that weaves a lesson in the story and then gracefully transition to a sales pitch.

This is what people like myself do for clients.

Direct response marketers focus on this kind of storyselling in every email, that’s why the best email marketers in the world hire us.

We’ve taught ourselves how to write emails that sell and it’s mainly done by using stories to break down the mental barriers our readers have.

So, before you go, make sure you follow me for more information on how you can use email in 2019, as the “gurus” at The Wall Street Journal recently said…

“Email is the ‘new trend’ of 2019!”



Jeez… get with it…